MKS Services

MKS Services

MKS Services is a provider of a full line of quality related services. Our philosophy is to use the team approach working with customers, suppliers and all involved to meet our customer’s needs and achieve established objectives.
We are a seasoned carrier that has built its foundation around "Service". Our ISO 9001 practices are reflected in every operation at MKS Services. We operate 2 warehouse facilities, in Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. Both facilities are completely secured and monitored to meet the strictest TSA and government regulations. 


MKS Services is based on "A happy customer every time", with service to prove it!


All of our drivers are TSA certified to ensure freight is handled with the highest level of safety and security.


Specialists in  tradeshow logistics and set-up


Including indoor, 2-man, and set up is a specialty.


From 1 to 45,000 pounds, we will get your expedited freight delivered on time.


Including storage, cross-docking, order fulfillment, pick-n-pack, kitting, internet tracking, and container loading and unloading


We can supply you with service when and where you need it, from local cartage in and around Arizona and Nevada.  Our fleet consists of 2006 or newer units from cargo vans, box trucks.


The Full Service Team Approach

  • As a full service provider, our rate structure will result in significant cost savings.
  •  ISO 9001 Certified 
  •  Immediate response 24-7 on call
  •  Work toward problem resolution with a team approach
  •  Real time reporting
  •  Secure web based data tracking, updated daily
  •  Off site warehousing, inspection, containment capabilities
  •  Inventory Tracking System in place
  •  Dedicated to total customer satisfaction


Tired of freight shipping and logistics companies that tell you what you need before they understand your requirements? At MKS-Services we do not use any cookie-cutter solutions, we adapt freight shipping services and product fulfillment services to deliver customized logistics solutions. 

  • 24/7/365 operations
  • Expedited freight and off-hours shipments handled routinely
  • Web-based shipment tracking 
  • POD notification via phone, fax or email

Our services cover all critical aspects of operations for the freight and logistics marketplace to ensure you are a “happy customer every time”!


MKS-Services operates 30,000 square feet of secure and sanitary warehouse space within the United States (Expandable at any time to match your needs!). Our goal is to provide a wide range of value-added services customized to fit your needs: 

  • Assembly – Warehousing and distribution package assembly
  • Order Processing – Direct EDI communication or via phone, fax and email
  • Freight/Inventory Management – Management of stored product to the lot, component or serial number level 
  • Finished goods distribution
  • JIT – Familiar with automotive JIT and Kan-ban systems
  • Pick & Pack – Efficient pick-pack-ship process for small orders to businesses or consumers.
  • Cross-docking – Our warehouses can provide storage and loading to become your distribution center
  • Kitting & Packing – Combining of items from multiple vendors into single unit. Simplify manufacturing of a single product for export or import
  • Break bulk
  • Local cartage

Providing these options gives our customers scalability, flexibility in labor and asset requirements, and location options. Companies can optimize cost savings, lower liabilities, and increase speed to market by using our flexible warehousing and established transportation networks. Our fulfillment services are structured to offer a wide range of solutions for any special shipping requirements, including kitting, over-pack/pick and pack, point of purchase displays, packaging and a wide variety of additional value-added services including postponement, inspection, returns and salvage.

Our warehouse operations serve several different customers simultaneously and offer you the flexibility to scale your warehousing usage to your exact business needs at any given time. MKS-Services manages the shared resources such as management, labor, equipment, and space to ensure that every customer benefits from the most productive and cost-efficient service solution possible.

We will work with you to create a cost-effective strategic logistics program, matching your goals, and backing it up with ISO based measures to ensure continual satisfaction. Whichever direction you choose, you can count on modern facilities, state-of-the-art inventory control systems, well-trained and certified staff, modern material handling equipment, 24-hour monitored security and fire protection, and above all, caring and dedicated management to meet your changing needs and increase your bottom-line performance, while ensuring every customer is a “happy customer every time”!


At MKS, we understand the important of quality and assure you only receive the best. From start to finish, we have outlined detail quality control process to exceed your standards. 

Please click on the following link to review MKS detailed quality control process and services to help increase your company's bottom line.


Phoenix Address
1514 W Todd Dr
Tempe, AZ 85283

Quality Inspection Email:
Questions Regarding Invoices Email:
Phone: (602) 254-0048 (Option 1)
Fax #: (602) 252-4838

    Las Vegas Address
    7340 Eastgate Rd
    Suite 140-150
    Henderson, NV 89011

    Phone: (602) 254-0048 (Option 2)
    Fax #: (702) 929-2905